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Cyril J. Williams

Visual Artist

Winter 2016


Life is beautiful and I am inspired... The sun is not shining as I write this but that is totally ok as it is snowing hard and I always enjoy a good Canadian snow show.


Welcome to my site. Look around and enjoy the art I have created.

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I have been posting a good number of my best pieces over at - so go take a look and you may fall in love witrh something you see.


At its most basic core, my work is about transforming ordinary and often less-than-ordinary materials into something totally extraordinary. My art, at its core is reflective of the intensive relationship between myself and the material I am working with. This in turn reveals unexpected beauty in previously unseen ways.


My work acts to bridge the conceptual realm of my imagination to that of the real world. Much of my work is set in outdated mythologies and folklore, cast with forgotten heroes, beautiful women and banished beasts and filled with romantized  concepts.


I find that the creative process intensifies when I add more hands to a project, finding ways to utilize layers of material onto any given work - slowly giving form, mass and aesthetic value using material and backgrounds as interesting and as diverse as my subject matter.



























I would like to thank curators Vicki Clough, Alia Watson, Tom Doughty and Sharene Shafie for putting together such a great event. I ran an interactive, participitory arts installation where symposium attendees were placed into groups and given a variety of up-cycled material to work with.  They were given a specific themes of sustainability and instructed to work together to visually represenmt that theme.

The themes were representational of the four pillars of sustainability - cultural vitality, economic health, social equity and environmental responsibility. At the end of the install - participants combined thier constructed elements together to create one giant up-cycled pillar of total sustainability.


Left on display for the remainder of the month long exhibition - the installation represented the concepts of sustainability very well and really showed the participants the virtues of coming together from different backgrounds to acheive a similar and positive goal.








Signed & Numbered

limited edition Giclee prints available


stretched onto Exhibition Canvas (satin)

sizes and available imagery varies according to availability

Commissions Welcome

encouraged even... I like a challenge!


I'm often asked by patrons of the arts to create something specific for their home or office. If you are interested in discussing your particular style and what you may be looking for in terms of art drop me an email and we will set up a time to talk...

Cyril Williams
Original Work


Being an artist means I produce art... a lot of art. 

It is all original beautiful stuff and usually it sells within a few months of its creation.


Check back often to catch up on new work...